Take a trip back in time and explore the Wellington Caves and the Phosphate Mine.  Located 8km south of Wellington this Complex has alot to offer.

The show pieces of the complex are two magnificent show caves, the Cathedral and the Gaden Caves.   Be amazed by the beautiful calcite crystal formation like stalagmites, stalagtites, columns, flowstones and coral.

The Phosphate mine offers an educational insight to a 'once' working cave - when in the early 1900's it was mined for its phosphate.

Accommodation, camping, kiosk, barbecues are available within the complex.   The beautiful Osawano Japanese Gardens and the Wellington Golf Course are within walking distance from the Caves Complex.

For more information including Cave tour times, tour pricing and accommodation options - please visit the Wellington Caves Complex website.

Contact Details

Caves Road

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Wellington NSW 2820

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Open every day of the year except Christmas Day.