Take a trip back in time and explore the Wellington Caves and the Phosphate Mine.

Included in the complex are two magnificent show caves, the Cathedral and the Gaden, along with a series of smaller caves. These include the Water Cave and the challenging River Cave, which are open to only the most experienced cave diving enthusiasts.

The Phosphate Mine is another feature and attracts plenty of visitors annually.
Stay a While and Explore

The Bottle House is the newest attraction at the Caves Complex and is constructed from over 9,000 wine bottles. The Bottle House has for sale an interesting range of mineral specimens, crystals and fossils.

Enjoy a snack, a coffee or an ice-cream at the Caves Kiosk. The kiosk also sells a wide range of souvenirs or head to the visitor centre and learn some more amazing cave and fossil facts.

Alternatively take a stroll along the fossil trail or pack your clubs and enjoy a round at the Wellington Golf Club - just one kilometre from the caves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Wellington Caves exactly?

The caves are situated on the Wellington Caves Reserve, just 8kms south of the town of Wellington and a straight turn off the Mitchell Highway.

How accessible are the tours?

Both show cave tours involve stairs (Cathedral Cave has around 150 steps in and then back out, and the Gaden Cave has around 120 steps in and then back out) so unfortunately they are not wheelchair accessible. The Phosphate Mine however is completely wheelchair friendly as it is a concrete path the whole way through.

How difficult are the tours?

The tours are fully guided so you will be directed where to go the whole time. Each of the tours last around one hour and are relatively easy going, as there are no ladders to climb or tight spaces to wriggle through.

Is photography allowed on tours?

Photography is definately allowed on all tours at the Wellington Caves, however we do ask that people be mindful of their surroundings and other people on tours when stopping to take photos. We also ask that people avoid stopping on staircases to take photos in order to avoid accidents or injury.

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